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About us

Hey, we´re so glad you´ve found us. We are four guys originally from Norway where we used to own a consulting firm within telecom. We did a lot of sales activity and looked for a tracking software to get analytics about our customers when sending presentations and offers. But the solutions we found either sold packages we didn’t want or was way too pricy, so we decided to develop our own, we call it Pinkdox. To keep the price down for you guys we realized we couldn’t stay in Norway, so we moved to Bali where we also started to surf and enjoy life.

We hope you like what we´ve done. We are always trying to improve, so please don’t hesitate to contact us on hello@pinkdox.com if you have any questions. Love from the Pinkdox team!

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design 90
Graphic Design 85
WordPress 75